346 million people around the world read blogs. That’s probably why 53% of marketers say that blog creation is their top inbound marketing priority. Blogs increase brand awareness, boost organic traffic for a website, and help with SEO. But, if you’re a small business owner, you’re probably wondering where you can find the time to write new blog posts every month.

You can cheat.

Well, it’s not really cheating. It’s more like we can take all the knowledge you gained from writing a report for one class and use it to beef up a presentation for another class. You still did all the work yourself, but you can use the same information multiple times. The same can be done with blog content.

Here are 4 ways to reuse blog content and improve your digital presence without a huge time commitment.

  1. Use content from one blog post to create multiple posts on social media.

    Instead of setting aside time for both blogging and social media, you can combine the two tasks. For example, try to reuse images from a photo gallery blog for an entire month of Instagram posts. Or take snippets of an article and create three to four Twitter posts that link back to the article. You can even re-post the blog on your Facebook account a few months down the road. Plus, since social media is a newsfeed, you will likely reach new people with your posts.

  2. Rewrite the content to appeal to a new audience.

    Rather than constantly researching ideas for completely new articles, use the same information in a slightly different format. For instance, a food blogger could write one article geared toward busy moms and then rework the content so that it would appeal to organic gardeners. Be sure to change the keywords so that the Google can catalogue the content correctly.

  3. Update an article with new surveys or statistics.

    Another way to recycle an old article is to republish it with updated information. Include links to new research or survey data with new outbound links. You can also explain how the information supports a growing trend or points to an industry shift.

  4. Create spin-off articles from your most popular content.

    Take a look at the analytics for your blog and see which posts are the most popular. These are the articles with the most views (for a long period of time). Since they appealed to your audience the most, it makes sense to write more articles like them. And the best part is, just like the report you reused for a presentation up above, you already have the knowledge you need to write another amazing article.

Now that you’re a multi-tasking blog wizard, you need the perfect platform to post your articles. R&A can build you a website that makes it easy to post new articles and update existing content. We use WordPress to create all our websites, and WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging software. Plus you’ll get a team of developers and SEO specialists to make your website a multi-tasking wizard too! Contact us to ask about our small business packages.