Whether or not they realize it, most businesses are already utilizing some form of content marketing. Every page of a website and every post on social media is content that tells your customers (and just as importantly, website search engines) about your business. So here’s what you need to know about making content marketing work for your business:

High Level Branding

When you post blogs, create website pages, upload photos to Facebook or send out an email, you are using content to make a statement about your business. Therefore, it’s important that your content is all on-message and reflects the values of your business. When done correctly, content can:

  1. Make Your Business an Expert Authority

When you create content that shares knowledge with the public, you brand your company as an authority on that subject. As a business owner, you have a lot of insight and expertise in your field, so coming up with a quick tip or blog post to share some of the knowledge is an easy way to develop credibility.

  1. B) Intercept New Customers

By creating interesting content, you can attract new customers who might have never heard about your company before. Whether they click on your post through a Google search or see it shared on their friend’s social media page, that person has shown an interest in your business and they might be excited to learn more.

  1. C) Promote Engagement

One of the best aspects of content marketing is that it is shareable. This means that you can reach new customers who already have something in common with your  existing audience! You can also connect with people through comments or social messaging apps and talk to them where they are most comfortable.

Content is Good for SEO

Search Engine Optimization is what allows your website to appear higher on a search engine’s list (not including paid ads). A search engine (like Google) wants to provide relevant content when a user types in a keyword, so it uses code to crawl webpages and categorize the content. It also takes other things into account, such as how many people view the website and how often it is updated. Creating great content will drive people to your website and encourage them to stay there. Here’s how to use content to improve your SEO:

  1. Use Relevant Tags and Keywords

If you want search engines to know what your business is all about, you need to use relevant keywords in your content. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, make sure to mention your location and goods provided on each page of your website. If you target a specific hobby or business, write blogs about those things and tag them accordingly. This will help Google know when your website would be helpful to someone conducting a search for those same tags.

  1. B) Update Frequently

Stagnant websites do not rank highly on search engines because often they have out-of-date information. Make it a habit to update your website at least once a month, whether that means creating a new blog post or showcasing new services or sale items. Just remember, quality over quantity is best for content marketing. Content that is linked or viewed for long periods of time is treated as more authoritative (and therefore better) than irrelevant or poorly written content that users close out of quickly.

  1. C) Internal and External Links

Content marketing provides another great way to increase your SEO: linking. By linking relevant pages or posts within a different post on your website, you have given search engines another way to catalogue your website. For example, here’s a link to another page on our website that allows you to see how well your website is optimized for a keyword or phrase. You can also link to other websites that have good authority and have other websites link to your site. This is a way for websites to endorse each other and give each other credibility.

Content marketing is something that every single business can use to generate more organic, qualified traffic to their website and create brand loyalty. Whether you utilize a blog, a few carefully crafted webpages or a social media presence, you are using content to connect with customers. So if you haven’t put any thought into content marketing until now, it’s time to start creating a content marketing strategy!

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